Endurance Product Line

Belting designed with either textile or steel carcass warp construction, and special weft construction to provide transverse self-supporting capabilities that will accept inducement into an enclosed pipe for isolation of the materials from the external environment.


Same basic construction as the Enduratrans except the belt has a breaker in both top and bottom covers thus providing outstanding impact, puncture and rip protection.


A special design steelcord belt having smaller diameter cords of moderate elasticity placed more closely together than conventional steelcord belting. Belt is supported transversely with an elastic steelcord breaker in the top cover. Smaller cords, greater flexibility, moderate elasticity, and the transverse breaker make the belt ideal for replacement of medium tension textile belts.

Endurasteel-AS - solving tracking problems!

A specialty steel cord breaker used in conjunction with an Endurasteel belt that greatly controls and enhances both troughing and tracking.  This breaker induces the belt to return to the centre of each troughing idler. Ideally suited for reversing systems, but also is very effective in reducing and eliminating empty belt lifting when passing through a concave curve area.


High elasticity transverse steelcords placed closely together and imbedded into the top cover of our Endurasteel belt greatly enhance the belts load support, impact resistance, puncture and rip resistance capabilities without compromise of the belts ability to wrap its normal pulleys.

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