Endurance Product Line

Heavy duty single ply straight warp textile carcass belting, designed with heavy duty weft cords to provide extremely high puncture and rip protection.


This Enduraply-LM belt has an added heavy duty transverse nylon cord breaker imbedded into the top cover to further heighten impact, puncture and rip resistance without compromising the belts ability to wrap very small pulleys.


A Low modulus solution for a range of specialty needs, this nylon-nylon carcass offers excellent forgiveness for a range of operating stresses. Whether it is short-centred systems with crowned pulleys, rocks in tail pulleys, short transition distances, tight convex vertical or horizontal curve radii, or just high impacting,  this product will greatly improve performance. Normally supplied in moulded edge construction but available in cut edge construction as well.

Endurarib - ribbed, chevron & cleated conveyor belts

A full range of integral rib profiles from 3mm to 40 mm high, all of which are produced as part of the production of the belt itself. Efficient, flexible constructions can also be custom designed with very reasonable tooling investments.

Enduratherm - Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts


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